The mission of MedicEMR (Electronic Medical Record) is to ensure that all people, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or geographic location, have access to high-quality medical care through the donation of free, open source medical software and service relating to that software. MedicEMR will reward physicians and patients with MedicCoin to encourage them to engage and inform through the use of MedicEMR. MedicEMR combines the opensource OpenEMR software with blockchain technology to create the first free opensource EMR software, MedicEMR, accepting Crypto Payments.
MedicEMR is actively seeking hospital and physician offices to accept MedicCoin as a form of payment.


MedicEMR system empowers clinician to efficiently finish their soap notes and share them with their patients and colleagues. Blockchain technology has been used successfully in the financial services industry. It is the most secure way of preventing your patients’ sensitive health information from cyber attacks. Using the blockchain, patient medical record files are shredded and encrypted and spread across the blockchain network until you’re ready to use it again, making data breaches nearly impossible.


According to the government, you have the right to receive copies of your health information from your doctor and from other providers, such as physical therapists and social workers. If your health care provider keeps your records electronically, you have a right to receive them in either electronic or paper form. With your medical records on the blockchain, your data is safe.

With our blockchain EMR, you can directly communicate with your physicians and share information with your family and loved ones. You are more likely to get a prompt response from your physicians by using MedicCoin blockchain EMR. MedicCoin blockchain EMR also allows you to instantly access your medical record from lab results to prescriptions.

As a patient, you can use MedicCoin to pay for your annual checkup, physical exams, DOT physical, and urgent care visits. MedicCoin is seamless integrated into MedicEMR.


From charting, e-labs, e-prescribing, scheduling, to processing claims and meeting regulatory requirements, Medic EMR brings a new innovative approach to reduce costs and transform operations. All the information is secured by blockchain technology.

Deliver more efficient and better care with MEDIC Coin electronic medical record (EMR) for FREE, no string attach. Lower your overhead costs by paying your employees with MEDIC Coin. By accepting MedicCoin as a form of office payment, you lower your fees and increase patient loyalty.


MedicEMR is helping you deliver your hospital's health care model your way! It's the kind of care that's building a new model for trusted connections in your communities for today and the future. MedicCoin save costs on data breaches and reduce readmission penalties imposed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


Save time with specialty-specific templates

Access thousands of medical charting templates built by providers like you, and customize them to fit your workflow.

Minimize clicks with automatic favorite lists

Select from a provider-specific list of frequently used diagnoses, prescriptions, and pharmacies for rapid charting and less manual entry.

Minimize clicks with automatic favorite lists

Select from a provider-specific list of frequently used diagnoses, prescriptions, and pharmacies for rapid charting and less manual entry.

Eliminate intake form data entry with Online Check-In

Patients can fill out customizable intake forms electronically and send the information directly into their chart note.

Order tests directly from a patient’s chart

Submit electronic test orders right from your patient’s chart with a workflow that’s simpler than paper. Structured results will populate directly into your notes for easy review and comparison.

Coordinate care with eReferrals

Electronically send a patient’s medical chart, complete with their entire medical record, to any provider in the U.S. to securely collaborate on patient care.


Watch your front office say goodbye to everyday inefficiencies.

How is your staff spending their time? MedicEMR effectively expedited the scheduling processes so your front office team can focus on checking-in patients, collecting copays & assisting with administrative tasks. To avoid “holes” during a typical day, staff should schedule morning appointments from noon backward and afternoon appointments from noon forward, thereby filling in late morning and early afternoon appointments first and gradually booking early and late slots. This way, if a day is not fully booked, early morning hours can be used productively for a staff meeting or permit the doctor to come in later. An empty slot in the middle of the day is generally wasted time.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and late arrivals by utilizing our auto-reminders. Alert your patients before each appointment. Automate patient data flow and reduce the burden of administrative tasks with customizable scheduling and electronic patient intake forms. Easy scheduling saves time and streamlines your practice management. Schedule right from your EMR, no need to download or install separate scheduling software.

Online appointment booking

Let patients book online and manage reschedule and cancellation requests electronically to cut down on time spent on the phone.
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