STEP 1 Download Google Chrome browser . Folding@Home will not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer. STEP 2 Medic coin team at Stanford University is 234020. Please enter into the browser STEP 3 Fill in the form. Make sure you put your Medic address in the “Folding as” so we know who to pay. Make sure 234020 is in the team box. You can move the slider to “Light”, “Medium” , or “Full”. “Full” means 100% of your CPU is going to folding proteins. Then click on the “Start Folding” to start folding. Congratulations!
We send out payments to your Medic Coin address that you input in the Folding@Home browser. Payments are sent out every Tuesday. You can check your folding status by going to and search for your Medic Coin address.
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