We allocated 2,000 MedicCoins each day to be divided among the donors.

Guide To Folding:
Use your CPU to fold https://mediccoin.com/foldinghome-using-cpu/

Use your GPU and CPU to fold https://mediccoin.com/foldinghome-using-gpu/

Checking Your Folding Credits

You can check your folding credits at http://folding.stanford.edu/stats/team/234020

How do we process earnings

We send out payments to your Medic Coin address that you input in the Folding@Home browser. Payments are sent out everyday. You can check your folding status by going to http://folding.stanford.edu/stats/team/234020 and also http://oracledoc.com and search for your Medic Coin address.

We allocated 2,000 Medic Coins each day to be divided among the donors. To calculate the amount of Medic Coins earned, you can do the following math:

(Your Credits / Team’s Total Credits) * 2,000 Medic Coin.

For example, let us say your credit is 1,000 and the team’s total credit is 10,000. By applying the formula, we can see you earned 200 MedicCoin. Congratulations!
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