[email protected] FOR WINDOWS ( GPU & CPU )


Download the desktop application http://folding.stanford.edu/alternative-downloads/
Click on “fah-installer_7.4.4×86.exe” to download and once it is downloaded double click on it to install to your PC. Choose “Express Install”.


Once you done with the installation, a webpage like this will popup.
Select “Set up an identity” then click on “Start Folding” and you will see this screen
Under the “Name” field, enter your Medic Coin address. Under the “Team Number” enter 234020. Then, click on “Get a Passkey”. After pressing the “Get a Passkey” this screen will come up.
Under the “Donor name:” field, enter your desired donor name. Under the “Email Address:” enter your real email address. Then click on “Get Passkey”

Check your email for the passkey sent from stanford.edu for the passkey and copy and paste it into the “Passkey” field. Then click on the green “Save” button.
Now a new window will come up like this:
Again, you can choose to slide the Power to Medium or Full for more points.
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