• 2017

    Dec 28

    Medic Coin Website

    Medic Coin website is up and Medic Coin network starts.
  • 2018

    Jan 03

    Medic Coin Wallets

    We released Windows, Mac, and Linux wallets. The developer team worked nonstop, 18 hours a day to bring you the 3 wallets mentioned above.
  • Jan 10

    Social Media

    Announcement of Medic Coin on Bitcointalk. We started Twitter account, Facebook account, Telegram, and Discord.
  • Feb 07

    Paper Wallet

    A paper wallet is a document containing all of the data necessary to generate any number of Medic Coin private keys, forming a wallet of keys.
  • Feb 19

    Medic Coin Listing

    Listing of Medic Coin on one exchange.
  • Feb 20

    Android Wallet

    Medic Coin Android Wallet
  • Mar 15

    Medic Coin Listing

    List Medic Coin on the second exchange.
  • Medic EMR Alpha

    Medic EMR server starts.
  • May 31


    MedicFit allows users to earn MedicCoin for walking.
  • Jun 15

    Medic EMR Beta

    Release of Medic EMR Beta.
  • Jun 30

    Folding@Home CPU/GPU Mining

    Activate CPU/GPU Stanford Folding@Home protein folding project. Reward Medic coins to users who help find cure for cancer, Alheizmer, Parkinson's, diabetes, etc.
  • Jul 31

    Medic EMR Final Release

    Final release of Medic EMR
  • Aug 31

    Merchant Recruitment

    Recruited 10 merchants to the Medic Coin network.
  • Sep 30

    Medic EMR Payment Integration

    Integrating Medic Coin payment into Medic EMR allows patients and doctors to use Medic Coin to pay for office visits.
  • Oct 30

    Medic Coin Payment

    Developing Medic Coin payment gateway. You can start your own store or add to an existing store the option to accept Medic Coin as payment
  • Nov 30

    Medic Phone Alpha Release

    Medic Phone telemedicine app alpha release provides a fast and convenient way to communicate with a doctor and get medical advice.
  • Dec 31

    Medic Phone Telemedicine Beta Release

    Medic Phone Telemedicine Beta Release
  • 2019

    Jan 05

    Medic Phone Final Release

    Medic Phone Final Release
  • Feb 05

    Merchant Recruitmente

    Recruit 25 merchants into the Medic Coin network.
  • Mar 05

    Listing On Third Exchange

    Listing of Medic Coin on third major exchange
  • Apr 30


    Debit card for MedicPay
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