About MEDIC Coin

MedicCoin (MEDIC) is a community-driven crypto focused on improving the health of people throughout the world via innovative reward programs, recruiting others to help advance scientific research and donating to charities. Also, because it uses proof of stake to secure the network, MedicCoin is far more environmentally friendly and efficient than other cryptos that consume mass amounts of energy every day.

Unlike many coins with anonymous teams, MedicCoin has a strong team of physicians, engineers, and computer programmers who freely share their identities. The MedicCoin team is active in their own communities locally and contribute to humanity projects internationally. This team has chosen to get involved in several community initiatives such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Suicide Prevention, microloans, and various volunteering events.



MedicWalk APP: Earn MedicCoin While You Walk

Obesity is an epidemic in many First World countries such as the USA, U.K, Germany, etc. MedicWalk rewards people for…
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07.03.2018 / Medic News

Medic Coin Donated To UNHCR To Help Syrian Refugees

    Syrian refugees need help. Medic Coin made a donation to UNHCR https://www.unrefugees.org/emergencies/syria/ . We hope this donation will help…
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26.02.2018 / Medic News

Help Rosie Get A Toilet

Rosie’s story Rosie works hard to support six children. She is married and has a fish vending business in the…
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24.02.2018 / Medic News

Working With Kiva To Empower Women With Loans

Women in our lives are everything.  They are our moms, daughter, wives, and sisters.  They do so much for us…
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22.02.2018 / Medic News

Medic Coin Makes A Child’s Life Better

Medic Coin is proud to sponsor Yulibel in the Dominican Republic. With Medic Coin support, Yulibel is able to have:…
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15.02.2018 / Medic News

Medic Coin Sponsored Ronald McDonald Charity House

Medic Coin team is proud to be part of the solution to Ronald McDonald House Charity’s request for help. “We…
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Coin Name: Medic Coin

Coin Ticker: MEDIC

PoW Algorithm: [email protected]

Stake age: 1 Hr

Total supply
Masternode Collateral
PoS Block Reward (80% For MN + 20% For Staking)
Every   block
Difficulty Retargeting
Block time
Maximum Block Size

Medic Coin Charities

Medic Coin works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to make this world a better place. We contributed money, ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more to help build a stronger communities and a better place for man kind.


MEDIC Coin has Darksend feature which allows you to remain anonymous. We take your privacy very seriously.

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[email protected]

Once the last block of PoW is done, [email protected] kicks in to allow you to earn Medic Coin through CPU/GPU protein folding. [email protected] software runs while you are doing other things. While you keep going with your everyday activities, your computer is working to help us find cures for diseases like cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and many others.


Users get lightning fast transactions thanks to the PoS Masternodes that confirm the transactions within a few minutes. This is ideal for exchange to exchange transfers, instant buy and sell transactions, and perfect for arbitrage users. This coin is integrated with InstantSend making peer to peer transaction within a second.

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Hanson Nguyen
Dr. Nguyen graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering. He went on to obtain his medical degree and has been practicing medicine (solo practice and corporate hospital) for 10+ years. His crypto interest started in 2013, while developing apps for Android/iOS. He is an experienced leader of medical technical engineering teams responsible for the vision, design, development and distribution of complex software and hardware systems. He has the ability to bridge between technical teams and stakeholders; with a distinct ability convey complex medical and technical information to non medical/technical audiences in a fluent and understandable manner. He is a creator, always looking for the new, new thing and its application to his area of influence. He is a team builder who understands the variety of personalities and experiences that form who we are and impact what we are able to do collectively. “Do good things, make life better”.
Ha Ly
Ms. Ly is currently working as a consultant to MEDIC Coin. Her background include: Strategic Planning & Leadership, New Product/Service Development, Contract Development & Management, Team Building and Talent Development, Systems Engineering, SoS, and Enterprise Architecture. She has 3 years experience in supporting the Florida Hospital Management Information System. She leads design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures. She sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth while establishing policies that promote company culture and vision.
Aaron Do
Mr. Do has a degree in Finance at the University of Texas at Dallas. Mr. Do managed high volumes of financial activity in a fast-paced, risk-based corporate environment. He coordinated with multiple different companies to provide technological solutions to customers while maintaining good margins for profits and revenue.
Anna Nguyen
We are pleased to have Ms. Nguyen join the Medic Coin team. She is currently working for L3 Technologies as a quality engineer. She is responsible for elimination of incoming material discrepancy recurrence, facilitation of resolution & closure of material receipts with discrepancies, continued analysis for systemic trends, administrative support, and continued optimization of inspection processes.
Sanh Do
Mr. Do also is the Principal Engineer at Raytheon. He has experience in designing FPGA and circuit card assembly design and testing.
Dona Nguyen
Ms. Nguyen is a senior Propulsion Electrical Design and Analysis at Boeing. She is also specialize in system security.
Brian Tran
Mr. Tran is a third year student at the University of Washington. He will be a dentist soon. He will bring more dentists to Medic coin’s ecosystem.
Monica Nguyen
Ms. Monica is our community liaison. She works hard to sign up different merchants to accept Medic Coin for their businesses.
Brianna Tran
Ms. Tran helps moderate our Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter.