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May 31, 2018

Medic Coin Donated To UNHCR To Help Syrian Refugees

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Syrian refugees need help. Medic Coin made a donation to UNHCR . We hope this donation will help close the gap, and give vulnerable children, women and men hope for a safe future.

Our world’s largest refugee crisis

More than half of Syrians have been forced to flee their homes because of war — 5.5 million have fled the country and 6 million more have been driven from their homes but remain in Syria.

Seven years of conflict have taken an immense toll on the most vulnerable, and sadly, for the youngest Syrians, there are dire consequences for the future. Less than half of elementary school aged children are enrolled in school and only a fraction of high school and college aged students have access to education.

5.5 million

# of Syrian refugees

The reality of the crisis today

Although millions of Syrians have escaped the war at home and found refuge in neighboring countries, many are unable to escape poverty and the challenges of living in exile. Ninety percent of Syrian refugees live in rural areas in makeshift shelters, or in urban centers, often in overcrowded and dangerous locations.

Syrian refugees struggle to access medical care, schools for their children, employment and food. In Jordan, 80 percent of Syrian refugees living outside of camps live below the poverty line. In Lebanon,  91 percent of families are currently at risk of food insecurity.

Against all odds, Syrians are survivors

After seven years of war, Syrian families everywhere continue to show their courage and resilience, making huge sacrifices to put their children’s needs first, turning their temporary shelters into homes, showing their entrepreneurial spirit and their deep desire to rebuild their lives with hope and dignity.

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